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Don Streat, SlumPritt, Mitch L. Hennessy, Macabeats, Cool FD – Sand in the Streets

First leak from Global Warning Inc. Global Warning Inc is an international hiphop music label delivering quality street sounds. The label is composed by five emcees (Don Streat, Macabeats, Mitch L. Hennessy, Slum Pritt and Taya Jae) and four producers (Cool FD, M.W.P., Dichter2Productions, Macabeats). No related posts.

Don Streat, Lord Baltimore DDS, S.O.N., Cool FD – Aint It Hard in 2014

One year ago, Cool FD and the three emcees from Bmore joined forces and released their common album “Bmore2France”. Critically acclaimed on the Internet and by the underground hiphop heads, Bmore2France has even been nominated for the 2013 Baltimore Music Awards. Now it’s time to celebrate one year of relentless collaboration with this brand new […]

Don Streat x Cool FD – Bare My Soul

“Bare My Soul is the result of a two years long collaborative work between Don Streat and me, that publicaly started in February 2013 with the “Bmore2France” project. This new release is made with hours of inking and recording, and hours of diggin in the creates and making beats at night. Don Streat says “this […]