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The Sky Rocketing Career Of London Actor Adrian Annis

The Sky Rocketing Career Of London Actor Adrian Annis


Adrian Annis is a talented man who gives his all in anything he pursues. He is originally from London and he was an athlete and a businessman in his younger days. And yet, Adrian has accomplished many amazing feats since then. He has a performing in over 80 productions, just in the last twelve years since he started. That fact alone is proof enough that Adrian Annis is an extraordinarily talented actor.

Adrian has been in many films, both feature length and short. He has worked hard and received much praise for his astounding performances. He has been in short films such as Eva’s Diamond, Quantum, Collide, Elroy – The Potato Headed Boy, and the Car, some of which are award winning films. These are but a few of the many short films he has been in. In addition to the short films, his feature length films are also impressive. He has been in feature films such as Eva’s Diamond, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One which he really enjoyed being a part of. Adrian’s resume is nothing short of astounding to say the least, and he doesn’t stop there. There are several works of his that are currently in the post-production stages such as Modern love, My Guardian Angel, Wakan Tanka, and Mostly Dead.

If you can believe it, there is still more yet to come. Adrian is also about to start work on several films. The first of which is a period piece entitled The Secret of Botticelli, and there is already a sequel set to start filming following the completion of the first entitled Botticelli Murders. These two films are set to be captivating and with Adrian’s immense talent on set, they are sure to be a huge hit with audiences everywhere. Adrian also will be working on two other films that only have working titles, but they will be out before you know it. Adrian is clearly a many of talent and drive, we can’t wait to see his upcoming works.