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The New Era of Fashion Movers and Shakers

The New Era of Fashion Movers and Shakers

In today’s fashion climate it’s hard to sort through the noise of fashion forward boutiques with quality wear for women. In our findings we came across a trendy boutique by the name of Slayed Boutique. This boutique denotes that they are unapologetically bold; and with a tagline like “Be Your Own Modern Classic” they are serving confidence with their wardrobe and styling.

The owner, Tee Cannon, when interviewed said she began the boutique in 2016 after being exhausted with the slim pickings of less than favorable choices in “popular” boutiques. In Tee’s case she reminisced of clothing either low in quality for the price point or items she felt didn’t speak to the woman who wanted styles to choose from that represented head turning wear for many occasions. Interestingly enough Tee had been designing attire since high school creating her own formal looks but although found a passion for fashion almost didn’t open Slayed Boutique because of the influx of boutiques springing up in recent years.

So what makes Slayed Boutique so different we asked? Although all women are embraced in the lifestyle brand, the main difference of Slayed Boutique says Tee is the combination of experience, skill set, God’s given gift, and overall passion and work ethic. Specifically speaking our brand is designed to speak life into women similar to me in life through fashion creating self love. Life sometimes will beat you down but a good outfit can change how someone feels about themselves so ultimately it is not really about the clothes but it is about using the clothing for expression of self love.


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