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The New Era of Fashion Movers and Shakers

In today’s fashion climate it’s hard to sort through the noise of fashion forward boutiques with quality wear for women. In our findings we came across a trendy boutique by the name of Slayed Boutique. This boutique denotes that they are unapologetically bold; and with a tagline like “Be Your Own Modern Classic” they are […]

Goals That Make Women Choose To Buy Clothes from Wholesalers

A wholesale fashion dress is a dress that is available for women who prefer buying items at lower cost. However not all women are onto the idea of purchase of clothes, but some cite several reasons for doing so. With that said below are the goals that make women choose to buy these clothes from […]

15 Tips For Women Shopping Online – Pick The Dresses Now

15 tips for Women Shopping Online – Pick the dresses now Are you up for Valentine’s Day? It is just around the corner! Are you single? Don’t you have a date? How does it matter! What matters is that Valentine’s Day is another reason to shop for your beautiful dress that you would wear whether […]

Celebrity Inspired Dresses Offered At TheCelebrityDresses.Com

All girls want to dress and look like their favorite Hollywood stars but few can afford the luxurious designer dresses the stars wear walking the red carpet as they cost thousands of dollars. However it is still possible to feel and look like a real movie star wearing celebrity knockoff gowns. At TheCelebrityDresses.com there are […]

Ellen Degeneres Dresses As Nicki Minaj For Halloween

For the second year in a row, Ellen Degeneres dressed up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween, and once again, she nailed it! Donning the very same outfit Nicki had on when she visited the show a few weeks back, Ellen hosted her entire episode this morning as the HB. No related posts.