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New Emerging Star Vonte Que!!!

New Emerging Star Vonte Que!!!

Vonte Que’s new single ‘Under Pressure’ explains the benefits of putting yourself under a bit of pressure to get the job done. Reflecting on his own mind state at the time of writing, Vonte Que wanted to write about how much you can achieve when you apply a little pressure, a lesson we can all learn from. This smooth track delivers hyped vibes and will certainly psych you hope to smash any job you’ve been procrastinating on. ‘Under Pressure’ follows on from Vonte Que’s last release earlier this year, and closes the year with a bang!

Hailing from Cincinnati, Vonte Que is a rapper who has been writing his own music since he was 6 years old. He began to take his music seriously aged 16, releasing his first single onto Spotify and Apple Music. Inspired by the passing of his father, Vonte Que released his biggest project to date ‘Forever 39’ in 2020, a project which was dedicated to his late father. Pouring an unmatched level of emotion and dedication into his music, Vonte Que consistently turns out music that is emotive, personal, and relatable.

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