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MeMoi Shapewear For Every Outfit

MeMoi Shapewear For Every Outfit

MeMoi Shapewear for Every Outfit

Every woman wants to look her best when she’s going out –whether it’s to work or just a casual dinner and drinks. She plans her outfits and matching accessories meticulously until everything is right, but there’s still something missing. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t quite like what she sees. It’s then that she realizes she’s forgotten to put on her shapewear underneath her outfit. Looking back in the mirror again, she loves what she sees and feels even more confident in what she’s wearing and how she looks. Now she’s ready to conquer the world and looks fabulous while doing so!

Yup, that’s the power of MeMoi shapewear. It can totally transform your look and leave you feeling good about yourself and what you’re wearing. Your outfit will look ten times better when you add shapewear underneath. Your trouble areas or certain spots on your body you’re most conscious about will become a thing of the past when you have the right shapewear. And with so many shapewear options, you’re bound to find the right piece for every outfit in your closet! Body-shaping garments are amazing pieces every woman should have in her closet, especially if she wants to look her best all the time. Here are some must-have shapewear pieces all women should have:

Shaping Slip
A shaping slip is the perfect piece to wear under your favorite dress since it will create a seamless and sleek silhouette! Wear it under your go-to LBD or under formal wear for instant tuck all over so that you’re looking your best for whatever occasion. Your hips and mid-section will shrink in and you’ll look thinner thanks to its body contouring features. No closet should ever be without a shaping slip!

Capri Shaper
Many women often complain that their hips and thighs are too big and bulge out whenever they wear skirts, pants or dresses. To solve this annoying problem get a capri shaper that will support and firm your legs, thighs and even tummy so that you are satisfied with the way you look in your best outfits. And since they’re so sleek and slim, you won’t see any annoying panty lines, just smooth lines all the way around. Capris can be worn under any type of clothing and hits right below your knees for a comfortable fit. You’ll actually forget that you’re wearing them!

The bodysuit is a versatile piece that works with virtually every outfit combination you can think of. And the best part is you don’t need to wear a bra or underwear underneath it since it features underwire that will lift and support your bust perfectly, while tucking you in all over. You’re notice that you’ll have a smoother tummy and butt, which is why many women swear by their shapewear bodysuits. You’ll want to wear it with everything you own, which is why women like to get shapewear bodysuits in both a black and nude so that they can wear it with anything.

Shaping Cami
For times when you want a smoother back, tummy and midriff, opt for a shaping cami that can be worn under your favorite blouse, sweater or even tank top. It’s lightweight and comfortable and is great to wear anytime of the year. You’ll automatically notice a better silhouette in the mirror when you layer a shaping cami under your top.
And shapewear these days don’t just come in traditional black, nude or tan colors. There are pattern shapewear in every color imaginable, so that you can easily match it to whatever you’re wearing so that you’re 100% confident every time you look in the mirror.

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