Home Talent Manny Major – These Days (Prod. By E. Smitty)

Manny Major – These Days (Prod. By E. Smitty)

Manny Major – These Days (Prod. By E. Smitty)

Human Life, existence is unpredictable, at the same time a new life is born another is moving on. Life is full of trials and tribulations & moving forward is about being able to use these life lessons as fuel for success. Manny Major is no stranger to taking losses, losing his older brother early in life & recently dealing with the tragic loss of his Mother, Father & Grandmother in a tractor trailer accident. However, these obstacles have not stopped the Young Manny Major, (21 years Old as of Jan 20th 2017) in his pursuit of success in the music business. “I know my mom, dad & grandmother would only want me to keep going & celebrate their lives & continue to pursue my goals & dreams” – Manny Major. Fast Forward to the present time, Manny Major is releasing his debut single “These Days” in which he embraces the original elements of Hip Hop w/ a modern twist over an “E. Smitty” produced soundscape that is sure to get you moving. Off of his forth-coming album “Crossroads”, “These Days” is an embodiment of the trials, tribulations, hard work & emotion that Manny put into this effort. “I want people to connect on an emotional level and also be able to have fun while listening to this new wave we’ve been working on.” – Manny Major

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