Home Talent Jerrod Brosean – Right Now (Snippet)

Jerrod Brosean – Right Now (Snippet)

Jerrod Brosean – Right Now (Snippet)

Formerly a member of the Super R&B Duo RecognitioN, the R&B Hippie better known as Dahomie Jrod has amazingly evolved into the man every woman wants and every guys wants to be. Imagine if Maxwell and Donny Hathaway had a nephew, his name would be Jerrod Brosean. The last four years, Brosean spent exploring the world and learning different genre of music. Now he’s back working on his first solo album entitled Boyfriend Material. “Anything I want is already mines.”

Here Are Also Some Facts You Might Not Know:

  • #1 most added song in the country
  • 14 million in listening audience
  • 3 time BET Nominations
  • Two top 20 National Billboard Records
  • 5 National Tours
  • International Radio Recognition
  • 1500 spins a week
  • Verified Social Media Accounts

  • Social Network Links.

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  • Location


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