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Louis Goldwater Presents: “AUH20”

Louis Goldwater Presents: “AUH20”

“AUH20” is Louis Goldwater’s 4th album release. The Pittsburgh native experiments with alternative hip-hop sounds and unique song structure to deliver a new cult classic. Join Louis on a journey through personal experience and abstract thought while listening to “AUH20”.

Check out needlessoutput.com for exclusive bonus content and original works of art to accompany the album release.



Social Network Links.

Instagram: @auh20
Twitter: @louisgoldwater
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/needlessoutput/



Pittsburgh, PA

VMG Reviews


When It Comes To Hip-Hop There's No Right Or Wrong Way Of Embracing The Culture. So When Artists Like Louis Goldwater Gives Us A Very DOPE Project That Experiments With Alternative Hip-Hop Sounds, You Get A Sense Of Originality Which Is Needed In The Game Right Now. "AUH20" Is A Very Creative Project, In Which The Good People Here At VMG Has Been Raving About And Enjoy Alot. With Strong Points In Replay Value, And Originality The Pittsburgh Native Has His Own Lane. We Respect Artists That Takes The Alternate Route To Capture The Ears Of Current And Future Fans. We Enjoyed This So Much We Gave The "Exclusive" Stamp Of Approval And Highly Recommend That You Take A Listen For Yourself.

Replay Value 8.5
Originality 9.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 9.2


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