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Stretch Millz – One Of A Kind 8.3

Stretch Millz is born and raised in Syracuse, NY where he began writing music and performing at a very young age. As a child he would spend time watching friends participate in Freestyle battles until one day he was asked to join in, this spawned his love for music and a desire to become great within the world of hip-hop.

Stretch has found inspiration for his music from life experiences and the motivating words from his late mother who never stooped pushing him to be the very best he could be at whatever he wanted to do in life. Stretch draws from an eclectic mix of musical genres to create his own unique sounds. Some of his personal inspirations include Jadakiss, Fabolous and Kevin gates to name a few. With no formal musical background or training, his experience comes solely from learning by doing, and through the “School of Hard Knocks” philosophy: all of his music is created from real life experiences or the observation of others experiences, and lessons that he has learned through hard work, drive, and pure ambition. Through this he also hopes to inspire other young musicians and creators.

As a musician, Stretch Millz’ is working towards making his own mark as an artist who is able to inspire his listeners. He is well known within national rap battle circuits such as Onsite Battle League, and “Grindtime, and he is constantly working on his music and continuing to perform and battle live in order to grow his audience. His work is his personal legacy, and it is highly important to him to be able to leave behind his share of great music for the next generation of great young artists to find and look up to.


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The Upstate New York Native Is Looking To Be Considered As "One Of Kind". Stretch Millz Newest Single "Talk About It" Is Refreshing, And Something The Hip-Hop Game Needs As It Shows So Many Elements Of New York, And How Rap Should Be Coming Into The New Era Of Rap/Hip-Hop. With Strong Productions And Wordplay, I Don't See Why Stretch Couldn't Be The Next Big Thing From NY, With Artists Like Dave East That Is Bringing Hip-Hop Back And Putting New York Back On The Map. I Can Easily See Stretch NEXT. We Are Excited To See What Comes Next From Him And We Planned On Staying Tuned In To Him. Check Him Out And Let Us Know What You Think...

Replay Value 8.0
Production 9.0
Originality 8.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 8.4


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