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Jersey J’s Must Be Nice, High EP

Jersey J’s Must Be Nice, High EP

I’m a music artist by the name of Jersey J and these two songs are a part of a 4 song EP I just dropped on October 19th, 2021, called ‘Must Be Nice, High’. October 19th is an important day for me because it marks exactly 3 years since I’ve been putting out music. The whole EP is about weed and good vibes. I wanted to do something I haven’t done yet, which makes chill and head-bumping songs preferably for people who smoke weed, but of course, anyone can listen. I worked on these 4 songs for 4 months with an engineer who has worked with some top music artists like Ne-yo, Anne-Marie, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga’s producer, etc so the quality of the songs is top-notch. My best friend who’s a photographer took the shot for my cover art and I did all the edits on it. Took me around a month to complete. Another thing is I’m more of a writer when I make songs, but I got super high and free-styled about 80% of the EP. Patio Breeze and DaDida are by far the most liked songs off the EP.

Patio Breeze- https://open.spotify.com/track/4Ea51QbRth5xd5ZsJHXrFD

DaDida- https://open.spotify.com/track/5mYICwfQxMEITMAIyl0fWI

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