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Fu*kk The Grammys

Fu*kk The Grammys

One of the most complete & flawless records I’ve heard. The music Cheezy has been delivering with his craft of making music has become very meaningful for those in urban communities on producing hope to overcome the odds. He’s definitely one of the most generous & last of a dying breed when it comes to reattaching real southern hip hop. His campaign has definitely been moving in the right direction as an independent artist. His new single “Fuckk The Grammys” is definitely the positive message the hip hop world been needing to change the narrative. Recently Lil Wayne tweeted “Fuckk The Grammys” & we can’t help but think that he’s definitely been hearing the trend of what Cheezy putting down with blogs, radios, & social media. So if u haven’t heard the new single “Fuckk The Grammys” don’t hesitate to go stream on any digital outlets & we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Be sure to follow him & check out his catalog of music with the music links attached. Definitely seeing him brewing up on to greater heights very soon.

Additional Media: https://music.apple.com/us/album/fuckk-the-grammys-single/1539228624

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