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(New Exclusive Interview) Christian Vind Talks Music And His New Single With VMG | @iamcvind

(New Exclusive Interview) Christian Vind Talks Music And His New Single With VMG | @iamcvind

(New Exclusive Interview) Christian Vind Talks Music And His New Single With VMG

1. Christian Vind, you are a hip hop artist from Minnesota. What got you into creating music and what part do you play in the music scene in your town?

What got me into creating music and to take it seriously, is when I watched the movie 8Mile, staring Eminem. I felt like Eminem and I had similar lifestyles and if he could do it, it motived me to know I can become a well known dope musician too with hard work! Me being a hip hop guy, my role is to stand out. Me being a white rapper, I’m called to prove my skills, so when I go to any venue, I grab the mic and show people what I’m made of.

2.  Christian Vind, you just dropped the video for “Trendsetter”, which is all over the place right now. How did that record come about and what is the concept behind the video?

I actually got to record that song at the Trans4mation Records studio in St Paul Minnesota, which is right across the street from the state fair. A dope producer/engineer who goes by Dixon Deville, helped co-write the second verse to that song as well! Dixon Deville and I knew how trendy it would be, plus “that record is a bangeeeeer” said by Perez Hilton! The concept of the video was to be yourself, don’t let anyone stop you from living your dreams and to be a Trendsetter. That video was also filmed and directed by a dope photographer/videographer Sterling Hampton!

3. Christian Vind, If you were to do a remix to your record “Champion.” What 3 mainstream artist would you put on the record and what do you feel they would bring different to the song?

If I could, i would add the Migos to the hit song Champion. I feel like they would add a unique vibe with the different flows they all have. The second one would be Drake. We all know that Drake can switch it up from having people in their feelings to jumping up and down at the clubs. The third one would be Wiz Khalifa. Not only does he sound dope, but he could add harmonies out of this world. As a major bonus, I would add Dylan Bostic to the song. He’s the one I made the song for and besides him being a phenomenal pro wrestler, he has a unique flow and is a dope lyricist. Which by the way, Dylan and I might be doing an album together as well!

4. Christian Vind, you were featured in INC Magazine for your music. How did that come about and how has it helped your brand and career?

To be honest, that helped my career tremendously! All thanks to my friend and mentor John White! He’s is a communist at Inc Magazine, hard worker, public speaker, entrepreneur, has the key to success and he was named a Branding Expert by Forbes! How that all came about, was when we started to build a genuine friendship. First, he saw the skills I had being an entrepreneur, and then saw my skills as a rising star hip-hop. Which lead to a great article, friendship, and a bond that can’t be broken!

5. Christian Vind, What does hip hop mean to you?

Hip hop means everything to me! It gets me pumped up for the day, gets me more motivated to do daily tasks, and it helps to know that one hit song is all it takes to change someones life. With that being said, I have multiple songs that are hit worthy on this album, so I’m expecting major cash flow to come in from it when I release it!

6. Christian Vind, what is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

I’d say living my life without my father was the hardest thing. He unfortunately took his life on August 21st of 2009. Growing up not having a male leader to teach me what I should and shouldn’t do, made a major dent in my heart. But, I didn’t let that stop me. I knew at some point that you can never change the past or change anyone. I overcame it by letting God take the wheel, which has caused me to become more passionate, loving, hard working, and motivated me to push myself through it all.

7. Christian Vind, are you planning to drop a EP or an Album? An if so when can we expect the music to hit?

I’m glad you asked! I am planning to drop my first album before the end of 2018 or maybe the beginning of 2019. And to be honest, I can’t wait to share it with the world because it’s so relatable, clean, dope, and different that it will make an impact on society in a positive way!

8. Christian Vind, Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

That is a great question! I have a big vision of where my career will go and I’m aiming for the top! I see myself getting on reality tv shows, collaborating with other producers to make some dope beats, writing songs for other musicians, making hit records to chart on the billboard charts, potentially get into real estate, put out multiple albums, maybe do a few major music tours, and to move to Los Angeles to develop more solid relationships within the entertainment industry. In addition to that, I have the confidence in knowing that I’ll be a millionaire with the next five years.


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