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Blac Samurai – Garden of Deities.

Blac Samurai – Garden of Deities.

Garden of Deities. Comes from believing in yourself in the highest of high. Self control, good quality, and more. If you believe in yourself then you believe in everything you do.

Blac Samurai, born and raised in Chicago. Having the mixture of smooth flow and lyrics. Blending the influences of Biggie, Wu Tang, Outkast, Pusha T, Jay Z, and many more. With lyrics that are much like poetry, Blac keeps the balance of futuristic, simplicity, and rawness. Giving you the space to get away from life and slowly bringing you back. The name Blac Samurai comes from the Wu Tang name generator, fitting the love of Kung Fu and Mix Martial Arts film. Very similar to how Wu Tang came together and got their style.

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