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Ashley Marietta – “The Southern Secret”

Ashley Marietta – “The Southern Secret”

With the South on lock, Atlanta-based media personality Ashley Marietta is taking the entertainment world by storm, and is planning to take this passion that she has Internationally, Ashley is also serving as a media correspondent for one of hip hop’s more popular music sources, Hot New Hip Hop. With over a dozen interviews in her résumé already, she is destined to be something special. she has done interviews with stars: T.I. , Miguel, Nelly, And Trina just to name a few. VMG had the opportunity to sit down with “The Southern Secret” to find out how & why she will become a household name in the entertainment business.

1. What’s Your Name & Where Are You From?

Ashley Marietta, Marietta Ga

2. You Have Interviewed Some of The South’s Biggest Names, Which Interview Was Your Favorite, and Why?

BOB’s fun to interview, he’s humble and a goof ball like me.

3. If You Had the Opportunity To Have A Sit Down Interview Kind of Like “One On One With Ashley” Who Would The Person Be And Why?

Jay-z… he’s someone I could really learn from especially on the subject of entrepreneurship.

5. What Separates Ashley Marietta From Other Personalities?

We’re all different in many ways. I’m trying to do more than host by conquering all avenues of media including production, I want to run it all.

6. Are There Any Rumors You Would like to clear up?


7. What Inspired You to Be A part of Entertainment Media?

Music! I was interning at a studio and found hosting through a marketing gig with them.

8. When You Think Of “Vintage Media Group” What Comes To Mind?

entertainment & media in a nutshell

9. Being That You Work For HNHH.Com You Are Aware Of What All It Takes To Function & Facilitate A Website, How Is The Overall Experience For You At HNHH.Com?

I think they do a great job of keeping it fresh and moving with the times. For blogs, being up to date and intriguingly fresh is crucial.

10. How Long Have You Been In Radio?

Around 2 years

11. Do You Feel That Radio Is Becoming A “Dead Media” Avenue?

Someone what, the Internet has so many options with podcast, interviews that you can watch anytime, music you can download whenever you want, I think radio is starting to fall behind all that.

12. Outside Of the Entertainment Media, Are you Involved or Working on Anything?

media is my focus right now.

13. What’s next for Ashley Marietta?

More interviews!

14. How Can They Reach You?

Twit/IG: AshleyMarietta


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