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The One Stop Shop For Music Creatives

The One Stop Shop For Music Creatives

Rooted with a deep passion in music, Princeton of Princeton Brown Mastering (PBM) aims to make the world sound better one mix and master at a time.

Princeton is a multi-talented instrumentalist, music producer, singer, recording artist, and audio engineer with a background in Physics from Augsburg University. Over the past 10 years he has worked in many different recording studios as a producer and audio engineer, and is excited to continue bringing his long worked for and developed sound to the world of mixing and mastering.

Mixing and mastering for Princeton is not only an art form, but a scientific process where he gets to solve many audio problems and test different variables to create an enhanced sonic experience for his clients. This scientific approach to audio engineering derived from his undergraduate work as a physicist is what gives him a competitive edge. Many artists have acknowledged his mixes for sounding “clean” where each sound is heard to its fullest capacity among all other sounds within the mix. This clean sound is why so many artists keep coming back to use him as their go-to audio engineer, and many are quick to work with him after hearing his audio samples.

Princeton quotes, “Every note of every instrument, sound, or vocal should be heard clearly and to its fullest extent among all other sounds or else why add it to the final production?” When it comes to getting the most value out of your paid mixing and mastering services you would be hard pressed to find another engineer who delivers the same quality. Princeton has worked with many recording artists from around the world including Jamaica, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, and Papua New Guinea to name a few. Although he is able to mix and master any genre of music, pop, reggae, RnB, rap, hip-hop, trap, afro beat, reggaeton, dance, and other world music genres are his specialty.

When visiting Princeton’s sleek website for the first time you wish you had found it sooner. Not only can you get your music mixed and mastered professionally, but you can also purchase high quality beats for your next project, submit a custom beat order, and learn professional mixing techniques through online video courses. His business is expanding from simply a mixing and mastering company to an all around music producer’s one-stop shop with a newly invigorates business slogan, “Your Sound Is Your Legacy.”

Learn more by visiting www.princetonbrownmastering.com

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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