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TAIN – Purple TAIN EP (VMG Exclusive)

TAIN – Purple TAIN EP (VMG Exclusive)

On June 7th, the rapper and producer TAIN released his highly anticipated EP Purple TAIN. By releasing his EP on the day Prince was born, he displays a form to pay homage to an all-time great legend.

After only one day since publishment, he had received over 6,000 views on his Instagram post that announced his release. Born from Denver, CO, the artist’s journey leads him to Houston, TX, where he has spent the last months working on many projects including the “Love me Not” picture video. Some call him the multi-talent of many crafts and versatilities when it comes to music. A portion of artists might struggle to figure out if music is truly meant for them, but with TAIN it’s a matter of natural instincts kicking in and recording for the love of sound. He breathes music and switched his vibe to something different but relatable to most of his listeners. Everything you hear is carefully crafted and tuned to perfection by the young artist himself. The project consists of TAIN creating a new wave on Hip-Hop/Rap called “Rap and Blues”, which is catering to women, lust, and heartbreak in different realms of love with its roller coasters. As many have said in the past, Hip-Hop is in the most exciting place it’s been in years. There’s going to be a lot of upcoming artists putting out albums this year, on top of a lot of young artists popping up and developing. TAIN is one of the fewer artists that truly respect their craft and live for music.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/purple-tain/1515437865

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Houston Native TAIN is given that Classic Texas Feel With This New Project "Purple TAIN EP". The Eight Track Project Looks To Take You On Somewhat A Journey As The Project Instantly Gave Us That Southern Vibe Which We All Love And Missed. Very Strong Production Value Cause The Replay Value To Last As It Gives That Southern VIBE. We Really Enjoy Track 3 "Room Lit" And Track 7 "Pills & Potion". We Can See This Project Doing Something Big As The Change Of Hip-Hop And R&B Is Needed. Check Out The EP And Tell Us What You Think...

Replay Value 8.5
Originality 7.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 7.3


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