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Therapy – [Dakota Kruz & J. Santonio]

Therapy – [Dakota Kruz & J. Santonio]

There’s a new sound bubbling up from the DMV’s underground, with Washington D.C.

born and bred artists Dakota Kruz & J. Santonio leading the way. Now based in Los Angeles, “Therapy” marks a solid introduction to the game for the pair, as they set the tone for one epic year and the beginning of their careers. It sets the Summer off right with seductive vocals backed by deep, luxurious production. R & B ingenuity at it’s best, it shines in Dakota’s gift of creating rich experiences through his music, expertly matching resonate songwriting with Santonio’s soulful singing and instrumentation. Simply put, “Therapy” is that bedroom banger R&B heads are sure to keep on repeat. After living with “Therapy”, it will be apparent to listeners that Kruz & Santonio are on their way to big places in the music industry. By making passionate music with an unwavering commitment to excellence, they are carving out a lane of their own, all while keeping authentically true to themselves. Get familiar with “Therapy” on your favorite platform upon release! Coming soon!

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