“I thought it was a little bit exploitive,” said Lito. “On a lot of cultural levels. That’s what I thought and felt. I had an opinion about that record. I had just met the Sauce Twinz and they were the only people in the world that I had heard use [saucin’]. I was kind of taken back by it because it was a big record and I was like, ‘Damn, that’s they shit.’ Then, like, ‘White Iverson?’ I don’t think I could make a ‘Black John Stockton’ record. Maybe not me but a black artist in general, it would be taken in a whole different [way]. I don’t know. I’m a conspiracy theorist, I look at shit really weird like, ‘Damn is this not any different than some blackface type shit?’ That was my first impression of that record, seeing the guy with cornrows. That’s what I saw and heard, almost like some kind of bigotry-laden stuff. I mean I know [some of his] people, we got some mutual acquaintances. I don’t know. I feel like my first impression from the record wasn’t far off from the way it played out.”

Then on Saturday (May 27), tension flared up again when Lito retweeted Post’s picture with Iverson and said, “Plot Twist: Bubba Chuck snuffed him & will be wired $3M Tuesday a.m. when banks re-open #extortion#reappropriation.”