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Sky James – One Day

Sky James – One Day

Sky James is a fresh voice in the indie Hip Hop scene, coming out of New York City. Bred & raised in the Big Apple, Sky James attended Harlem School of Arts where he discovered his voice through poetry. His knack for poetic rhyme eventually evolved into Hip Hop, and his love for it.

Blending Hip Hop, Soul and Funk while adding a dash of his own flavor, Sky James began to write and record music in 2012. Progression has been his focus and its end result is manifested in his latest project release. “#JustCause” is just Sky James’ second project, but he is looking to gain the ears and hearts of more fans with his sophomore effort.

Released in November of 2013, the project is still new to many ears who are just beginning to or haven’t begun to familiarze themselves with Sky James. “One Day” is the project’s lead single and spotlights the smoother side of the Bronx artist.

Backed by a fairly relaxed instrumental provided by Kristos, Sky delivers his lyrics at a slow pace while tuning into his inner R&B singer on the hook.