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Que Pac Feat. Shane MauX – The Flask

Que Pac Feat. Shane MauX – The Flask

Brooklyn rap duo QuePac released their first official music video today for “The Flask” from the QuePac EP, which dropped in March. Directed by Borough Entertainment, the video is more a short film than a video, telling the story of a night of excessive drinking across several different parties, and also the events of the morning after, starting with waking up in an odd place with a pounding hangover. The song is an ode to self-destruction. It also features an energetic verse by Shane MauX (of the acclaimed group, Duk Duk Goose), and artwork for the project features a portrait by Eat the Cake NYC (who has worked on photo/film projects with Rex Arrow, Mac Miller, Homeboy Sandman and others). While this is QuePac’s first music video, members of QuePac have been featured on Shade45, Kevin Nottingham, 8th hop outlets. The new group can be found at www.soundcloud.com/quepac and www.facebook.com/quepacmusic. Their manager can be reached via email at paco@dukgoose.com.

QuePac is a collaboration between long-time Brooklyn favorites Que Cee and Paco (from Duk Duk Goose). The team-up sprouted out of the vibrant Bushwick music scene, where some of the most innovative sounds in Brooklyn are emerging, and from which most of their inspiration for this project is drawn.
Independently, they have performed shows at major New York venues such as Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater, Public Assembly, Sullivan Hall, as well as at out of state venues and music festivals like Afro-Punk and StereoTerra.