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The Next Big Artist – Reigning from Australia

The Next Big Artist – Reigning from Australia

$upremeKane the 22 year old rapper, singer, producer and sound engineer from Sydney, Australia takes the world by storm with 2 banger singles that he dropped entitled “Do The Mo$t” & “BLESSING”.

Originally from Riverwood, NSW, $upremeKane has definitely made a name for himself and the country within trap music scene with his modern sound and we believe he will continue do so.

A lot of his music depicts the harsh reality of what most people would not experience especially in Australia.

‘Preme has received a lot of attention especially from collaborative artists in Atlanta and Philadelphia and with further questioning he has confirmed that he intends to relocate to the US to further progress his abilities and his career in a larger market.

An expected project is rumored to drop in 2018 which will include his singles Do The Mo$t & BLESSING and he has assured that the project will be nothing less of fire.




Social Network Links.

Instagram: SupremeKaneOfficial
Snapchat: Supreme.Kane
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCji3Ef–yvV-O5IxxsIFWsA
Soundcloud: $upremeKane
Spotify: $upremeKane
Facebook: $upreme Kane



Sydney, Australia


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