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NOA/AON Is All Set With His New Music Pieces perfect For This Part

NOA/AON Is All Set With His New Music Pieces perfect For This Part

NOA/AON is one of the most successful profiles on Soundcloud. Pavel Stuchlik’s unique music and approach has inspired folks to live life with a positive approach.


Today music is no more considered as only a pass time entertainment form. Music has become therapeutic, a healing element and a gateway to feel complete bliss. Such qualities of music have been made possible with the enchanting tracks of NOA/AON on SoundCloud. The popularity NOA/AON has gained from global music enthusiasts is worth it. It has started a whole new revolution aiming towards the all or nothing approach in life.

The founder and initiator of noa movement is Pavel Stuchlik who lists amongst the top, successful and young entrepreneurs in the United States. Pavel has travelled all the way from a globe-trotting cyclist to the proud owner of Atmasphere, the luxury lifestyle studio based on Georgia and many other regions in the US. Pavel’s motto in life is to transform folks with his music and Orange Theory fitness mantras. Pavel is regarded as an exemplary representative of modern healing music and has given people a new vision to attain positivity in life.

NOA/AON music is refreshing and rejuvenating. Each of the music pieces is created with intricate instruments powered with the core components of EDM and dance music. According to DJ Pavel any music composition can only become a masterpiece if it is oriented towards a static goal.

Each track of NOA/AON music gallery is blended with the peppy music scores powered with techno beats and effects that give it a contemporary feel. Some of the tracks that has been widely accepted by SoundCloud fans are “United”, “Involution”, “All or Non”, “NOA/AON- Remixes” and “NOA/AON in the mix” consisting of seven different volumes. After celebrating the grand success of the six volumes of this playlist, Pavel is again making fans fall for him with “NOAMOVEMENT Volume 7”, which is a Trance Edition.

The tracks of NOAMOVEMENT volumes are enough to light fans up this party season. Each of the volumes revolves round hardcore dance elements based on psy trance, house music and more. This music range takes Pavel’s DJying skill to the next level. The latest add to this playlist is “NOAMOVEMENT Volume 7”. In this hour long track DJ Pavel plays with his excellent skills of jamming trance music with its different forms. From progressive to psychedelic trance, this music set releases extra energetic vibes that will make listeners dance to its magical beats.  If you have not yet listened to this extraordinary piece of music, log on to Soundcloud and add it to your favorite list without giving a second thought. Keep an eye on his official website http://noaaon.com  to know about his next live events and other activities.



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