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New Video: Lxst – Upset | @iimlxst_

New Video: Lxst – Upset | @iimlxst_

New Video: Lxst – Upset

Pensive rapper Lxst, (pronounced Lost) has released an equally thoughtful visual for his latest single “Upset.” Out today, via PIVTL Projects, this video uses a variety of glitches and indescribable focal expressions to match the emotional song’s feeling of euphoria. Watch here.

In Lxst’s creative new video for “Upset,” the rapper showcases a trip out of town with a beautiful partner who looks equal parts fascinated and annoyed with the circumstances. Their playground is a sea of forest green trees, straw-colored grass, and bright spots of blood-colored leaves. As Lxst performs, the woman stares into his eyes, longingly, as she grips his shoulders, along for the ride.

Helping this tried-and-true story play out is a unique aesthetic incorporated into the visual. Its video effects glitch in and out, giving the clip a purposefully unfinished feel that’s hard to tear your eyes away from. Two of its most visually appealing sequences are when a tree grows in front of Lxst as he performs, and, in another swift move, he disappears from view while performing. As the two stars of the video vibe in this wild world where anything is possible, your shoulders will bounce too.



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