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(New Exclusive Interview) Marty Grimes Talks Music With Vintage Music Group | @Marty_Grimes_

(New Exclusive Interview) Marty Grimes Talks Music With Vintage Music Group | @Marty_Grimes_

(New Exclusive Interview) Marty Grimes Talks Music With Vintage Music Group

1. How long have you been creating music and what got you started?

I’ve been making music since I was in elementary school, I started out playing Trumpet with my grandmother who plays violin in a jazz band. Growing up my whole family was around music. My mom was a singer in a rock funk band along side my step dad who played the electric guitar. I wrote lyrics for fun since my focus was basketball at the time but then I met my bro G-Eazy in high school who also made music, then we started a rap group called the Bay Boys. Since then I’ve loved making music and I’ve been working towards it more and more.

2. How would you break down your style and sound? 

My style is all over the place, I like to make a variety of music that makes you feel all types of ways. I try and make music for every mood, so you always have something to listen too from me no matter what’s going on. My favorite style music to make is turnt up music, because I love performing and high energy crowds turn up with me. Then again when I’m at home kicked back I like to make something you can ride slow too at 2am or spark one in the middle of the day while you chillin’.

3. What is the hardest thing you had to overcome in life and how did you handle it? 

The hardest thing for me, was to give up working and only rely on music while hustling to pay bills and what not and make my dreams happen. But once I did I felt like everything started to come together, I got to spend a lot more time working on my career, something I loved and that made not having a steady paycheck not matter.

4. Where do you feel, you fit within the music industry and where do you feel the music industry is at right now?

I’ve been independent for a while now meaning it’s just been me running my Buisness with my friends. I just recently got a Management Team that believes in me and sees what I’m doing. Those couple pieces to the puzzle was needed. I think it’s in a dope place where artists are creating new types of music and their own styles I enjoy the way new artists aren’t making just one genre of music anymore, stepping out the boundaries.

5. You just dropped you latest single called “Stay True.” what is the concept behind that record and how long did it take you to record it?

Stay True was a record off my latest project Martyjuana I released earlier this year. The concept was to tell people to be true to who they are. I feel like that matters most and plays a big part in your life. Too many people change who they are for others or for the wrong reason and become unhappy, it’s so easy to be yourself, it takes zero effort. As long as you live your life the way you want too you will enjoy it, no matter the circumstance.

6. What do you love the most about creating music and who are three artist you look up to?

I love that I have no boundaries or limits, I can literally say or do whatever I want on any style beat. I get to tell my story, my way. For me personally, music is the best way for me to get things off my chest and put my thoughts in order sometimes.




7. What other business ventures are you looking into outside of music?

Pizza and Martyjuana. My first job ever was working at a pizzeria in Berkeley that became my good luck charm in life. It created opportunities for me, paid for music investments and helped people see me at the same time. Working there for as long as I did made it apart of my life, my brand and pizza already being favorite food made it even better. I was blessed with an opportunity to have my own strain of marijuana and I called it “Martyjuana”, you have to stay tuned for that, real big stunts with that though. I have plenty more but I won’t give away too many secrets before I make them happen, but we have have some great things in the works. Stay tuned in on my social media.

8. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

Exactly where I want it to be  and more

Whishin’ (Explicit) by Marty Grimes on VEVO.


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