Home Talent Loving “Live My Life” by GT_Ofice

Loving “Live My Life” by GT_Ofice

Loving “Live My Life” by GT_Ofice

Loving “Live My Life” by GT_Ofice

Hailing from Ocean City, MD, GT_Ofice is creating buzz in the EDM scene with his song “Live My Life.” GT_Ofice has performed in major clubs from Miami, Vegas, to NYC.

The track “Live My Life” was beautifully written by Amber. The lyrics “Can’t handle this existence, don’t tell me how to live my life”, relates to someone finally putting their foot down and living for themselves vs. being controlled by others. Many of us are pressured to fit in and be controlled by others. Having a song that promotes living your own life and creating your own success story truly is motivating and empowering.

GT_Ofice works with unique artists whose lyrics promote confidence, motivation, self-love, and individuality. The song “Live My Life” is already streaming thousands of viewers on top music platforms and social media. By the end of 2020, no doubt the track will go viral.

We look forward to seeing more amazing tracks from GT_Ofice and seeing them live promoting beautiful messages in their tracks.

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