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Legend – Count of 3

Legend – Count of 3

In a world where many hip hop and R&B tracks are mindbogglingly overly produced and edited, breakout artist Legend dropped a single that breaks the mold. “Count of 3” produced by J. Caperson, manages to
capture everything that makes a good hip hop/R&B track great.

The hook is catchy. Think of the “been-stuck-in-my-head-all-day” kind of catchy that gets you dancing inappropriately in the middle of supermarkets and business meetings. Add that on top of a dance beat that’s oh so sexy in perfect rhythm, and you’ve got a single that quickly tops your “Recently Played” playlists.

It’s the profundity of Legend’s lyricism, however, that makes this track – and this artist – a universal force to be reckoned with. “Cuz when I rise I stand so tall I gotta duck into it,” for example, illustrates so much more than his perceived sexual prowess. While simultaneously appealing to the masses, Legend pens lyrics that demand and deserve deeper analysis and appreciation.

Is “Count of 3” to be the next best hip hop and R&B single to hit ITunes? Possibly. Will you be captivated by the resonant voice and lyrical depth? Absolutely. “People call me Legend how about you let me prove it.” It’s a challenge he’s gladly accepted.

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Springfield, IL