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J Cutta – Livin

J Cutta – Livin

Atlanta rapper/producer J Cutta presents the Roger Torabi-directed music video for “Livin’”, the self-produced single from his album Life, Lies & Luxury. J has produced for the Youngbloodz, the Dungeon Family (click here to hear “Fall Back”), has opened for Soulja Boy and has been featured on mixtapes with DJ Scream and DJ Teknikz. “The idea and the creation of the song seriously came from good vibes in the studio,” says J. “MP and I were working on the beat, and the hook came to me from just freestyling to the track. Ran the track back a few times and felt like it went together naturally. The whole vibe of the song was based on life and how I was feeling at the time. Living, and just doing what makes me happy.”