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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Princess Vee Hendrix Gets Personal About Life |

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Princess Vee Hendrix Gets Personal About Life |

(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Princess Vee Hendrix Gets Personal About Life And Drops New Video

There has been a lot of buzz about St. Louis Rap Sensation Vee Hendrix. From her lyrical delivery to her laid back swag, Vee is one of those artists that you just like from the jump. She’s been in several publications and has done lots of interviews but we got to get personal with the young M.C as she shared more about who she is beyond her artistry. Check out what Rap’s next best female MC had to say in our exclusive interview below.

Check Out The Written Interview Below:

Q: What inspired you to get into music in the first place?

A: At first, we were just playing around doing 10 toe challenges and that kinda stuff, and then people started liking it and said “You should start rapping.” And then, I made a song. It was just the support and people saying they could relate to what I was saying.

Q: How old were you when you did your first record?

A: 19. (A year ago in May.)

Q:What’s your favorite track?

A: It’s not released yet, but a song called “Jungle”.

Q: What makes what you’re making now unique and different from other artists?

A: Most new artists we see now, they’re more on the pop side or the wild hair or crazy face tattoos or piercings. I’m just all organic. I’m not putting on an act for nobody to become famous or gain notoriety. It’s all me.

Q: Quality of rap now, w/ face tattoos and drug culture?

A: It’s not really about music anymore, it’s about what you can make money off of. Newer artists from 2 years ago to now, it’s not really hip-hop, rap. It’s just music.

Q: Why is there more pressure on you as a female artist?

A: There’s more males than females in the game. People mainly listen to males. As a female, you have to grab the attention, grab the fans, grab the supporters–because if you don’t, they won’t listen. And they can’t have the same message as a male; they can’t do the same things males can do.

Q: What about you grabs the audience the way the males can that other girls aren’t doing right now?

A: Males can easily get attention just by the beat. They don’t have to say much for you to actually listen to them.

Q: What differentiates you and your style from other emerging female artists? (eg Dej Loaf)

A: With everything I say in my songs, it’s not just something you can feel, it’s something you can see, just from my delivery.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I have a job too! Not much free time.

Q: Only child?

A: I’m the 3rd child. I’m the baby girl. There’s 5 of us. Two girls, three boys.

Q: Favorite artists you look up to?

A: Lil Wayne. Either him or Kanye. I’d say Wayne because if you go back to when he first started and look at him now, it’s versatility, and the impact he’s had on not only fans but other rappers. Him and Kanye are two legends. Kanye fell off due to depression. But before then, I don’t think nobody was better than Kanye. He made it to where, no matter what, people will always listen to him.

Q: Do you like freestyle battle? Or go in the studio? What’s your writing process?

A: Usually, I don’t try to write without a beat, but if I have to I will. I’m not a freestyle kind of person, because with freestyle you have to jump around topics. I like writing them down. When I write songs, it’s whatever words or flow that come to my mind that I put down. And it depends on what kind of beat it is for me to know which words I need to write.

Q: Anything else to add? Political climate post-Ferguson? How have things been out there, that the media isn’t talking about?

A: The Mike Brown thing changed the whole theme of St. Louis. For the worse. St. Louis is just St. Louis, it’s never gonna change. I think it’s a curse on the city. Bad gotta happen, or bad is the only option. I feel like it’s weighing on the people who live here, and they don’t have no other way to deal with it other than violence.

Q: And in your music you don’t feel that way? You want people to let go and have a good time?

A: Yeah.

Q: Where in St. Louis do you live?

A: I lived 7 minutes away from Ferguson. My dad and my brother went down to the protest and all that stuff.

Q: You were only about 15?

A: About to be 17, so I was 16. St. Louis is hard but I know I’m going to make it out. Everything that has happend here no matter how bad has motivated me.



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