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EJ Camille announces a brand new studio EP, 1:11AM.

EJ Camille announces a brand new studio EP, 1:11AM.

EJ Camille announces a brand new studio EP, 1:11AM.

February 2021 – EJ Camille is an artist and songwriter originally from the Philippines but currently based in the United States. She makes music that blurs the lines between different genres, exploring the depths of her feelings with beautiful melodies that are powerful and easy to relate to.

This release features 6 tracks, each giving the artist an opportunity to try different things. The first song, “High,” kicks off the record with a trap-inspired beat and honeyed vocals that recall the likes of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, to mention but two singers. This atmospheric song has positive vibes that pull the listener into EJ Camille’s sonic world.

“Always” is a dreamy song with a jazzy guitar influence and a modern beat that sets the bar higher in terms of melody and appeal.

“Ivy” has a distinctly different feeling to the first track. In this number, the artist is more focused on the lyrical composition, which is reminiscent of the likes of stellar writers such as Alicia Keys. In this track, the artist showcases her lyrical creativity as well as her expressive vocal range. It’s obvious from the get-go that she is a talented artist with a lot to bring to the table.

Crave4u is a collaboration with fellow artist Dylan Walker. The two managed to create a great blend of chemistry in this collaboration. The sound of the beat is particularly special. It almost sounds like it is coming from the depth of the ocean, giving the song a darker, pulsing rhythm that matches the nostalgic vibe of the lyrics.

In “Happier with Her,” EJ Camille teams up with Sarah Lyons on this R&B-inspired number. The song combines a deep and inspiring production with a sparse melodic background and some dreamy vocals that are incredibly central to the mix.

Last but definitely not least, “Sunsets and Rainbows” features a moody electric piano melody with an upbeat drum part. This is a perfect curtain closer, adding more of a pop vibe to EJ’s creative and soulful vocal delivery.

Each song has something special to offer, and the production on every track is something that truly stands out from the moment you hit play!

Find out more about EJ Camille, and listen to 1:11AM, which is currently available on the best digital music streaming platforms.

Additional Media: https://ejcamille.hearnow.com/1-11am

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