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Day Day King – West Coast 4 Life

Day Day King – West Coast 4 Life

California hip hop star, Day Day King kicks off his international campaign with Uniscope Distribution

Since his juvenile hall incarceration as a teen, natural born lyricist, Dathan Lui widely known as Day Day King has been using music as a gateway to express himself and pursue his long-time dream. The active entrepreneur and originator of the West Coast Alliance Tour was born and raised in Southern California with family ties to the Samoan Islands. The rising rap star decided to end his street career as a member of the Krook City Bloods to pursue a career in the music industry after listening to the recording of his first single, Ghetto Life. Day Day King knew at that moment that his purpose was to make a positive impact on the streets by embedding his emotions and life experiences into music. Music has provided the artist with a platform to express his anger, pain, joy, and happiness. The artist strives to continue being a huge musical influence in the West Coast music scene and worldwide. He most recently finalized an international distribution deal with Uniscope Distribution & Brand Services which led to the July 29, 2016 global release of his trunk rocking hit single, West Coast 4 Life which can be found in hundreds of outlets around the world including iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. Since the release, the artist is receiving daily invites for radio interviews and is now accepting booking requests. The artist plans to continue the expansion of his sound and brand internationally while living by his quote – You only live once! So you might as well do it right the first time, you might as well do it big!

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