Home Talent Akiem Small Releases His First Single “Problems”

Akiem Small Releases His First Single “Problems”

Akiem Small Releases His First Single “Problems”

Akiem Small is an artist with a distinctive approach to trap music. His most recent single release, “Problems”, is an explosive example of direct lyricism and groundbreaking production. The unmistakably thunderous thump of the 808-style beats is apparent from the start, as well as the cinematic piano melodies that are so highly recognizable for any fan of classic trap and hip-hop. Akiem has a very upfront vocal style, which combines clever lyrics with a strong attitude, which makes me think of artists as diverse as Kendrick Lamar, Drake,xxxtentacion or Childish Gambino, only to name a few.

Ultimately, Problem is a world-class production, and you will certainly enjoy whether you are a fan of old-school hip-hop or modern trap alike. You just can’t go wrong when all the right elements are perfectly falling into place. This song is fueled by a fat beat, a massive hook, and melodies that are easily driving the song forward, allowing the vocals to branch out and sit at the forefront of the track without too much effort.

Find out more about Akiem Small and do not miss out on “Problems” and other exciting releases from this talented artist!


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