Home Talent David Lyric Releases “Meantime”

David Lyric Releases “Meantime”

David Lyric Releases “Meantime”
  • David Lyric seems to break a lot of rules in music. As a new artist he seems to come and go as he pleases. Not sure if thats a good thing. But David’s last song Chasin went further than most artists have done with 5 mixtapes. His 2nd song released several months after his 1st might just be better than the 1st. And even tho he is still a photographer and artist manager, he’s committed to releasing a free album this month short notice. This could put his name on front stage again instead of behind it. He admits his struggle has always been taking a break from his other passions to remember his first love of being an artist. Check out his second single entitled Meantime…

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