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Young Hustlaz – Still YH

Young Hustlaz – Still YH

Young Hustlaz are a conscious, gangster rap crew consisting of Young Gully, the group’s leader and Bay-Area Freshmen Top 10 Rapper, Young D, A.B. aka Bizzel and Lil’ Chris. Hailing from East Oakland, CA they offer a variety of musical themes: from pain and struggling (Track 10: Hood Dreamin) to motivation and feel-good, party music (Track 2: Still YH). With this there is a certain honesty to their music in that they reflect on what they see and live in the streets of East Oakland, revealing both the positive and negative aspects of their community without over-glorifying any particular part of the lifestyle. Their flow is reminiscent of a conversation between the artist and the listener, which very much so mirrors the style of the great gangster rap pioneer 2pac. It is through this style that their music is engaging rather than alienating; and these conversations topics range from an inherently corrupt political system (Track 5: Relax) to an ode to smokin’ blunts (Track 16: Weed Smoke) and getting paid.

Download The Mixtape HERE