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Who Is Raphael Leraux’s “New Thing” brings us back to the 90’s

Who Is Raphael Leraux’s “New Thing” brings us back to the 90’s 8.5

The latest single Raised in the north side of El Paso, Tx, only minutes away from the drug wars of Juarez, Mexico, Raphael Leraux is using his music to shine light on the beauty and passion that often goes unnoticed in the South West. A portal into another world where he could explore his influences to their fullest.

His latest release, “New Thing”, gives us an in depth look at his biggest influences. From the classic G Funk feel of the beat to the barrage of R&B references in the rap verses, it’s clear that the essence of the old school is very much alive in Raphael Leraux.

His fresh and current flow balances expertly alongside the laid back beat, creating the perfect summer vibe. Who Is Raphael Leraux is definitely someone to keep your eyes on in the industry.

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El Paso, Tx

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Instantly when you hear "New Thing" from the El Paso native Raphael Leraux. It gives you such a 90's feel, from the sound to the overall concept of the single. Very dope production, and strong wordplay. It took me personally to days of my box body Chevy's and a set of 20 inch Dayton's (Rims). Love music Like "New Thing" that can still pull presence like such, to take you back to when music was GREAT. We are excited to hear more from Raphael in the near future, but don't take my word for check it out, take a listen for yourself and tell us what you think.

Replay Value 9.0
Originality 8.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.1


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