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VMG Website Changes aka “VMG 8.0” Rakim

VMG Website Changes aka “VMG 8.0” Rakim

2016 VMG Website Changes aka “VMG 8.0” Rakim

2016 will be considered the year of change, just like hip-hop legend Rakim changed the way we looked at hip-hop. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and most skilled MCs of all time. And VMG is looking to change the way you look and experience hip-hop online. When we took on this recent update for the website, we wanted VMG 8.0 to take us back to the pure essence of what we felt hip-hop was.

With the website being 6 years strong, we here at VMG want to focus on giving the viewers quality media and less confusion. This is why we called VMG 8.0, “Rakim”.

If your media sent to us receives the “VMG Approved” tag (Granted by VMG Staff). It will receive a Star Rating, Based on the overall dynamics and impact of the media. This rating can only be given by the staff and or by purchase of “The Main Page Takeover” gig which can only be purchased on our Fiverr.com page.

Any media submissions that is paid and sent thru our Pay-Pal will have a flat rate of $10.00 (which includes the “Basic Gig” set-up.) If the buyer wants to add additional items for their purchase.) Ex. Rating, Main Page, Etc… You can refer to our Fiverr.com pricing list.

Sections that will remain on the site:
Review (New)

Sub Sections that will remain on the site:
Updates Etc. (Extras Sections) Top Right of the Website.

VMG 8.0 “Rakim”
September 21, 2015

Over the years, Vintage Media Group has been consistent with our goals, and mission to keep hip-hop, R&B, and awareness of the rap culture relevant towards our fans and supporters. With the recent expansion in our operation, we are now able to be viewed and respected in more countries than ever before. Artists and products from Dubai, Switzerland, India, and China, (to name a few) are now consistently embracing our website. Our views and placements have doubled in less than 6 months with this change.

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Simple, Fresh, Direct, and Transparent” is our expectation with VMG 8.0 “Rakim” new update.

We’ve all been on websites where we feel the site is too cluttered, confusing, and slow. With VMG 8.0, Simplicity is the key, as we want your experience to be fresh, simple, and direct, for your personal computer, tablet, and or cell phone. We are focusing on key categories, sections, and getting rid of the unnecessary.

Here are a few things that will enhance your overall experience with the update.

*The overall speed of the website is 3X faster than previous updates.

*Brand new “Percentage” rating system for posts that receive the “VMG Reviews” gig. (3 Editors give their rating on the post and the average of the three receives the actual rating) (Paid Add-On With Post)

*Brand new “Star” rating system for posts. “VMG Approved”

*“Like & Dislike” voting system for each individual posts.

*Brand new “Newsletter” option. (Sign-up on site for the most updated news, music, and more)

*Optimized mobile website. (Have access to everything the website has to offer on your mobile phone)

*Brand new “Search” system. (Easier way of searching for past and current posts)

And more…

Vintage Media Group’s Staff