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the4orth – Soulution

the4orth – Soulution

Yonkers, NY native the4orth arrives just in time to deliver his “Soulution” for today’s current music scene. Not sticking to the typical trap-like phase the game currently seems to be stuck in, the4orth takes us in a different direction with his Soul & Hip Hop infused project to create a unique sound that belongs to him and only him. “Soulution” offers up features from Gnarly Phelps, Pe$os, Eades and A-Rain with the production side of things coming from Ryan “Ryu” Alexy, Benjamin Hype, Eli Myles, Until, DB and FRE$CO. Constantly evolving, the4orth has certainly laid the ground work for anyone trying to bring a problem to his “Soulution”.