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The Water Cycle Song by Dr. Eye and Ms. Education: The Bridge Between Education, Music, and Culture

The Water Cycle Song by Dr. Eye and Ms. Education: The Bridge Between Education, Music, and Culture

How could this song be about science? It sounds like a radio hit, but it goes in detail about the cycle of water. BLACK S.T.E.A.M. is not what we expected. Usually children’s songs are a bit annoying after a while, but I could put this song on repeat. Dr. Eye’s impressive resume explains why the song perfectly covers the material. In 2018, he was presented with teacher of the year for his school, his district, and even won top 2 finalist for his region. Even though his schedule was already full with teaching, he organized his school’s first step team, along with earning a Doctorate in education. He is well-cultured as he attended Grambling State University where he studied psychology and child development, pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., and lead his fraternity as Step Master in winning the 2012 Bayou Classic step show. How could we not appreciate that? His passion for education, children, and appreciation for music that matters shows throughout The Water Cycle Song.

I heard his smooth voice on the verses and this angelic, rich female voice on such a flavorful hook, I had to find out more. When I did a little digging, I came across the artist, Ms. Education. She also went to Grambling State University and has a background in psychology, but she also has a love for children, specifically empowering young girls, and music. She is an accomplished songwriter with a song that made the billboard charts. She began her journey in music by freelance writing and singing in coffee shops. She is well-versed in many genres, which explains how this song was arranged so nicely.

As if the song wasn’t already amazing enough by itself, by bringing so much knowledge with a radio-ready sound, there was other material to accompany the song on the BLACK S.T.E.A.M. website. The website has simple science demonstrations that can done at home with kids and it has a database full of printable PDFs that go in depth on the different stages of water cycle provided by Go! Scholar. I really sat there and learned a lot.

These two are a force to be reckoned with. The positivity and knowledge they bring to our kids is a breath of fresh air, and they have our support! They have created a lane that our culture desperately needs. I will be one of the 1st to say, BLACK S.T.E.A.M. carving a path in education through music and culture. Well done!

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