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Irv Gotti Reveals Big Partnerships To Relaunch Murder Inc

Irv Gotti recently revealed that he has joined forces with Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and the 300 record label brand. The former highly touted executive made the announcement on social media. He also stated that rapper Ja Rule was also be a part of the new venture as is Black Child, one of The Murderers. […]

50 Cent Buys Murder Inc Records, Owns All Ja Rules Music Publishing

Mr. Cent went on to say, “there’s no way I could pass this up. I just heard Ja had fell on hard times, working as a janitor. How could I not buy Murder Inc.? Between me and you, I can’t wait to remake Between Me and You.” Years after they were the heavyweights of hip-hop, […]

Ja Rule Sits Down With Angie Martinez

In his first major interview since prison, Ja Rule brings Irv Gotti to Hot 97 to chop it up with Angie Martinez. Rule spoke about new music, taking the L from 50 Cent, his relationship with Ashanti, reading the Bible in prison, and more. Related posts: No related posts.