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Samir – Diamonds On My Chain

Samir – Diamonds On My Chain

Following great praise of his first single “High On You”, Honduran R&B singer Samir plans to keep delivering a sound that’s undeniably distinct and unique. The Bronx now has someone willing to shoulder the load in Samir. Produced by 5StarBeatz, “Diamonds On My Chain” is the second single off of Samir’s A Different Shade Of Black LP, scheduled to release on December 13th. Exercising a widely recognizable level of creativity as a singer/songwriter, DOMC is an instant anthem that targets hardworking individuals chasing success, fame, or stability, while balancing a roof over their heads. A jam that just about everyone can relate to, Samir himself admits his downfalls to being the man of the hour in eyes of the opposition, opposed to taking care of his priorities.