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Reverse Mechanic – This Hole In My Throat

Reverse Mechanic – This Hole In My Throat 8.4

Reverse Mechanic is a hip hop artist breakin’ it down in Minneapolis, MN. He has embarked on a year-long project called “The Mixed Ape” and is releasing new songs, videos, and content every month for the year. The project (and the artist) does not stick to one theme, one sound, or even one genre.

This 7th release in the project is a main focus of the project, and may be the most unique. This Hole In My Throat will be released 3 separate times in 3 separate genres with changing lyrics and music, but all genres and versions of the song will have the same message: be real, be open, and be honest.

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Minneapolis, MN, USA

VMG Review


Reverse Mechanic Has A VERY Creative Visual With "This Hole In My Throat." At First Myself And The Other Editors Were Confused As The Title Threw Us For A Loop, But The Visual Was Creative And DOPE... As You Can Tell He's Giving The Bars In The Cold... We Sat Down And Viewed This At Least 25 Times As One Of Our Editors Thought This Was So FRESH... It's Definitely A Must Watch. VMG Approved....

Replay Value8.0
Production 8.5
Originality 9.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9

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