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NYC’s Young Cypher Billions Is Heating Up

NYC’s Young Cypher Billions Is Heating Up

New York City recording artist Young Cypher Billions returns with the release of a brand new single called “Don’t Panic”. The song serves as a follow up to the release of his debut promotional track Broad Day back in January of 2020, which at the time of this article is sitting at just under 10,000 streams on Spotify. While those numbers may seem modest at first glance being the first official release from an independent artist it can be considered a major win for Cyphe. But while Broad Day was a hard-hitting freestyle over an even harder-hitting trap instrumental produced by Beatscraze Don’t Panic differs by being a high energy pop-rap anthem with smooth lead and background vocals that truly shows off Cyphe’s range as an artist who has the ability to transition from a traditional rap record with traditional rap themes to a more vocal focused song with subtle autotuning and lyrics that express a youthful optimism in the face of adversity. Back in March we named Cyphe one of our artists to watch in 2020, and with Don’t Panic being one of only two official releases for the year it’s definitely too early in his career to predict if he has what it takes to become one of the hottest acts out of New York in the near future but with what we’ve heard so far we can safely say that Cyphe is heating up and we are eager to see what else he has in store.

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