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Matt G – Zoned Out

Matt G – Zoned Out

Austin, Texas rapper Matt G presents the music video for “Zoned Out”, the new single from his forthcoming album Imagipashun. Salt Lake City producer Burnell Washburn handles production duties on “Zoned Out”, joining the Imagipashun production roster which also includes XV producer TheAwesomeSound as well as Atlanta beastmith Nobody Famous. Matt has performed alongside Killah Priest, Project Blowed, Tracy Morgan, Illogic, Blueprint and more. “‘I wanted to capture the madness of the world while offering my perspective on that madness from my point of view,” says Matt of the “Zoned Out” video, which was filmed during Halloween in Austin. Matt describes Imagipashun as “a concept driven from the combined ideas of creative emotional and mental emancipation from the shackles of mundane every day life using your imagination. I feel artists get shunned for wanting to live out their dreams and utilize their talents as a means to live that life every day. It just doesn’t suit us and I know the ‘average person’ can relate to that in many ways. That’s where the idea stemmed from, which is why I combined imagination, emancipation, and shun all in a fitting re-interpretation.”