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Joe Budden Speaks On His “Druggie” Rep

Joe Budden Speaks On His “Druggie” Rep

Rapper/reality star Joe Budden has been open and frank about his history of drug abuse. But it seems like the Slaughterhouse rapper may be tiring of being labeled a “druggie rapper.” Budden spoke recently about the dangers of molly, but when the subject was brought up again in an interview with ThisIs50, Budden acknowledged his frustration with perceptions.

“I don’t do drugs. Period,” said Budden.

“That’s the part that throws me for a loop, the Hip Hop industry has never known me to be on drugs, ever,” he said. “I had a drug-induced summer this past year and everybody’s like, ‘Oh word.’ I’ve been talking about this sh*t since 2002. It’s nothing new. Some people can function, I’m just dysfunctional and self-destructive, period. So I wouldn’t need anything to add to that.”