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Earn Money From Your Music

Earn Money From Your Music

If you’re a music producer and want to sell your beats, music and digitial items ROQSTAR is an the place to go and start selling your digital music items.

Music producers can offer digital items such as sample packs, presets, tutorials, DAW templates and beats and start building their fanbase. If you plan to earn money from your passion as music producer but don’t want to spend years creating all the tools you definitely should check out ROQSTAR.

ROQSTAR Audio gives you all the tools you need to sell your musical content without the hustle to create all the tools, countless hours and cost you would need to build your selling point.

All you have to do is to register an account at www.roqstaraudio.com. After that you should setup your profile which is public and helps you build you follower base. You then can apply to get the seller area activated to not only buy but also sell items.

Once you are approved as a seller you can submit items within your dashboard and have full control over sales. You will get real-time statistics for every sale and have an overview over your sales and products such as sample packs, preset packs.

Get Paid
As a provider you can earn up to 70% commission of every sale. New sellers start with a lower commission and can build their catalog and advertise their inventory of Beats and Products easily with the social share buttons.

Easy Item Submission

Setting up your new item takes about 5 minutes and is very easy. With our guidelines you are shure to set up an item in time. If you should have problems we are glad to help you. Before your item gets released we need to check and approve it.

Real-Time Sale Statistics

Whenever your item is sold you get notified by email. You also have full control in your dashboard to search your sales and sales data. Your dashboard also shows you your all-time sales and current comission percentage.

Finally, there’s a way to monetize all your instrumentals, beats and samples that you’ve never released.

Start selling today at www.roqstaraudio.com.

More information for new sellers:

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