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Dugee F Buller – Dreamin

Dugee F Buller – Dreamin

DMV’s own Dugee F Buller brings to you yet another visual. On the eve of his newest project, “God Don’t Like Ugly: The Revival (#GDLU)”, Dugee F Buller gives us a new video for a his song “Dreamin” With his new peice, “Dreamin’,” Dugee F. Buller makes his splash into a more theatrical visual representation of his work. The classic meets the modern with Buller telling his story with his city lights illuminating him. Crisp suits and guns give a Goodfellas vibe while Buller’s unique voice floats over a Christopher Williams sample. Interspersing classic movie scenes with shots of himself, Buller weaves his tale with the lights of his city as his back up. Timeless. Dugee.