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7 Tha Great Releases Official Video For “Caught A Vibe”

7 Tha Great Releases Official Video For “Caught A Vibe”

The two-time ‘Dallas Artist of the Year’ award winner gives his all, stepping outside the mainstream hip-hop box and offering a fresh and unique sound.

7 Tha Great has just officially released his single “Caught a Vibe”, which is a hard-hitting southern trap anthem, that hip-hop enthusiasts the world-over can relate to. The heavy-808’s coupled with 7’s legendary word-play and lyrical prowess make the track ripe for radio.

Burton started his journey into the music industry when he collaborated with Phantom City Records. After revising and re-recording previously released tracks, he is determined and ready to drop a new solo album called “Demigod.”

For his third project Burton gives listeners various sounds. There are the aggressive jaunts, the playful anecdotes, ride-to tracks and of course potential Dallas anthems. He explores the joys of being recognized for his talent and the hurt felt due to undertones of jealousy and non-support. Burton even delves into sharing his adoration for his young daughter.


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