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BIG YOUTH – Get Rich or Try Dying

BIG YOUTH – Get Rich or Try Dying

“I’m inspired by love, hate, counterculture artists, writers, thinkers, moving everywhere, a bad relationship with my father, and the support of my mother throughout my life,” says 20-year-old rapper Big Youth. From his mother’s time as a punk in the Village during the ’70s and ’80s to his own upbringing spent listening to the likes of Wire, Patti Smith, and Kraut at home and filled with endless house shows, skate parks, and freak bike adventures, Big Youth is a product of his history and life experiences.

Blessed with a keen awareness and appreciation for pop culture, Big Youth obscures the popular, subverting trends and reshaping the defintions of “pop” and “mainstream” with his unique, surreal approach to music. Because of his upbringing, he can seamlessly remix and redistribute common notions from punk, jazz, rap, and hip hop, building a universe on the fringes where music has no rules and being the outsider is in. It’s a world of blurred lines, where multisyllabic flows are matched with bouncy, ethereal production that draws inspiration from boom bap, Southern rap, alternative punk, grunge, and more.

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Nashville, TN