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AJ Suede – Gold And Fire

AJ Suede has returned again. After being locked in front of a computer for 2 years, the FreeMINDS Collective has emerged victorious…once again. With 5 music videos leading to this moment, we are proud to present “Gold and Fire”. The age-old story of greed and its consequences; the 2nd of the “Golden Element Quadrilogy” and […]

Grandmilly Feat. AJ Suede – CUPS / UNTITLED

+VisualAid and FREEMINDS Collective connect to present our newest offering of audio/visual dope. The video takes us back to Grandmilly’s project BVNDVNVZ II, where he collaborated with AJ Suede for the classic song “Cups”. The two emcees take you on a trip through Long Island while dropping lyrical knowledge for the masses. This video is […]

AJ Suede – After Earth

How will life change when we run out of natural resources? Or even if a nuclear arms race forces the world to return to war. Lush cityscapes full of life and color will become desolate wastelands full of death, disease and despair. Aj Suede has enlisted two hometown heroes to help spread this message of […]