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COG – This Way

COG – This Way

COG is a rap artist with a lot to say. His sound is driven, forward-thinking and really original, as his blend of hip-hop reminds of some of the greats of the genre, from Biggie Smalls and Wu-Tang Clan to Kendrick Lamar or Drake, just to mention but a few.
COG recently released his brand new album, “ATM (After This Money”. The full album will be available through iTunes, but 3 songs are already available in streaming and as pre-order downloads!

The 3 tracks that are currently available are titled “Payday”, “This Way” and “Me & You”

“Payday” strikes for its great lyrics and punchy beats, while “This Way” is a clever combination of melodies and intelligent rhymes that are very easy to relate to. Last but not least, “Me & You” has got some great, lush synth melody, some really melodic hooks and some amazing trap-inspired beat, with that unmistakable 808 sound!
Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story:


Inglewood, CA


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